KC000 Pilot Brats

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This is our pilot of a livecast Q&A session. It was a test to see that everything technically was working. It did after we got around a few technical glitches.  Just the audio alone may not make sense however if you visit the live chat site https://chat.kink101.info/channel/testbroadcast room you will see the archived chat which goes along with this livecast.

Also covered was the question “There seem to be many rules for submissives, but what about Dom’s, how are they held to account?”

If you would like to join the next live broadcast to ask some questions keep an eye out on https://www.kink101.info. It will be on the 2nd Feb.

Feel free to join the chat or submit a question to be answered over at https://www.kink101.info/qa/ if you can’t join the next live stream.

Excuse the disjointedness of this one, it gets better towards the end. Now we are looking forward to the first real episode now that the bugs are sorted.

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