Who is Moc?

Who is MoC? MoC is short for Master of Cheeky. You guessed it Cheeky is my submissive. I started my sexual life as a swinger before I met Cheeky. She was was a young virgin and I even told her she would die an 88-year-old virgin for her views on sex. However, we ended up getting engaged and married.

Shortly before our wedding, she told me that she had a confession. She explained while she had never had anyone else, she had been a submissive to an online Master and she wanted to get that out in the open so I could run scared before tieing the knot so to speak.

I went Oh, ok tell me more. Since then we have not looked back. I have always had a Dominant side and I could never submit.

We live in a 24/7 relationship however it is not all a bed of roses and we have had many ups and downs trying to fit our BDSM lifestyle in around life and family with kids popping into the equation. However about 14 years into this we are still going strong and still learning day-to-day.

We have noticed recently that there are a lot of newcomers to the lifestyle and a lot of them are curious and don’t know where to find the information to take things further. Or how to play safely or find someone safely. There is an abundance of information out there but how do you decide what is right for you. This is why Cheeky and myself have started this site along with a few friends, to try and collect all the good information and allow the beginner not to be swamped and overloaded.

We don’t know everything but have a good solid base from years of trial and error, and I have recently started learning more about the Shibari art form. This is the key bit the continued learning and trying new things. Never stop there is always more and have fun along the way.