XR University

The eXtreme Restraints podcast has both an audio and video podcast. The hosts are Ian Rath and Aiden Starr. They normally have a guest on as well who they use to demonstrate a technique. So it may be flogging, nipple clamps etc.

It is a very good show for any Dom wanting to learn a new technique or newcomers to the BDSM scene. I highly recommend it as these are two season professionals and a lot can be learned from their podcast.


Off the cuffs podcast

Off the Cuffs, the podcast is another good kink and BDSM podcast in general. They have discussions with various guests and from what I have heard so far no topic is off limits for discussion. Probably not for the absolute beginner but if you have a basic grasp of BDSM and are not asking what is that every 5 seconds they will provide some good entertainment as well as some good educational topics.




Loving BDSM Podcast

The Loving BDSM podcast is hosted by Sir John Brownstone and Kayla Lords. They cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the beginner level to more advanced topics. They are a 24/7 Dd/lg almost married couple.  They have gone down the path of long distance to moving in together and now planning for their wedding all while maintaining a 24/7 Ds relationship.

I highly recommend this podcast to anyone getting into this lifestyle with their partner or if they are battling to find their way. Or just for light listening pleasure as they host a great podcast in general.