New Mailing Group

A while also we used to have a mailing list service run by a rather large international company. There used to be many great many mailing lists around various BDSM topics. Unfortunately this company decided to stop the service and all these mailing lists were lost. Unfortunately there has never really been an equivalent service until now. We have setup a mailing list server with a NZBDSM mailing list. Feel free to join by sending an e-mail to reply to the confirmation e-mail. (Check your spam folder for this)

Once you have joined send an e-mail to and introduce yourself to the group. I should mention we have set this list up to hide peoples e-mail addresses i.e. an anonymous list. As such all initial e-mails are moderated to make sure we don’t get idiots spamming the group. So please remember to sign your name or nickname at the end of the e-mail so people know who you are.

We look forward to having some good BDSM related discussions. Likewise if you would like your own mailing list setup by all means let us know and we will happily help you get your own mailing list setup.

We are back – unplanned downtime

Sorry for the unexpected outage however we had some technical difficulties with our domain name renewal. i.e. we paid but it still got suspended and not with rope sadly. Anyway it seems to have all been fixed now so back to the good stuff.

High Protocol Chat Rules

These rules are a guideline for our High Protocol chatroom which will be set up as a learning experiance on how to do High Protocol in chat group rather than in person. These rules are guidelines and we will be running through some scenarios and stopping to discuss as we go through the evening. However, these are the basic rules of this High Protocol chat room. Any Dominant/Top’s rules shall be in addition to these rules.

As people are not physically present respect for roles shall be in the form of punctuation and titles.

  1. All D types shall be addressed by their formal title normally prefixed with Sir/Lady. So my title in this chat would be “Sir MoC”.
  2. All s types shall be addressed by there formal title in lower case. So in the case of cheeky she shall be addressed as cheeky
  3. All s types under a D type shall refer to their D type with the title that the D type wants them to refer to them by. So cheeky would address me as “Master” while all others would address me as Sir MoC.
  4. Uppercase and lower case is important. Anything refering to a D type is punctuated with an uppercase. Anything refering to an s type is always in lower case. So for example if I am talking about cheeky I would say. “cheeky is a good slave” However if I was talking about another D type it would be, “Lady Pain has a wonderful collection of whips which She uses wonderfully on Her submissives”
  5. Upon entering the D type will invite Their s type into the room and formally introduce Thier s type.
  6. D types can address each other directly
  7. s types can address each other directly unless their D type has instructed them otherwise.
  8. D types can address an unowned s type directly with respect. s types shall answer with respect and only to the question that was asked and no more.
  9. D types may address an s type which is owned or under the protection of another D type with the permission of the other D type or through the D type.
  10. No txt speak or slang. Full and proper English sentances are to be used. Spelling and grammar mistakes will be highlighted and the s types will be corrected for these infractions.
  11. Switches are a unique situation in this, we will explain how this may work in a real life situation however for the purposes of this chat they must decide their role for the evening.

These are the basic rules of the room. unowned s types that want to take part may contact me and either come under the protection of a friendly D type or as an unowned s type.


Tonight’s livecast topic is pushing limits ethically

Livecast done and dusted for this month. Podcast will be uploaded once I have finished the editing.

The livecast will start at about 10pm tonight however feel free to log into the livechat room to be ready for the show to start. We will post the streaming URL in this chat when the stream starts.

Just a small quick reminder that tonights podcast is on the topic of how to ethically push limits.¬† If you have any questions etc and can’t make the live stream tonight please feel free to ask them on the forum¬†

Otherwise you can also use our anonymous Q&A page to submit them.


A few changes

Please be patient I am busy with a bit of a site cleanup and re-layout hopefully to make finding things a bit easier. So things might appear jumbled over the next few days.