New Mailing Group

A while also we used to have a mailing list service run by a rather large international company. There used to be many great many mailing lists around various BDSM topics. Unfortunately this company decided to stop the service and all these mailing lists were lost. Unfortunately there has never really been an equivalent service until now. We have setup a mailing list server with a NZBDSM mailing list. Feel free to join by sending an e-mail to reply to the confirmation e-mail. (Check your spam folder for this)

Once you have joined send an e-mail to and introduce yourself to the group. I should mention we have set this list up to hide peoples e-mail addresses i.e. an anonymous list. As such all initial e-mails are moderated to make sure we don’t get idiots spamming the group. So please remember to sign your name or nickname at the end of the e-mail so people know who you are.

We look forward to having some good BDSM related discussions. Likewise if you would like your own mailing list setup by all means let us know and we will happily help you get your own mailing list setup.

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