Who is PrincessP4in

I’m PrincessP4in I have always been a very dominant person but I only really found out about BDSM 7 years ago. I have been active in my local scene for the past 7 years and have never looked back. I am a Domme with a very very tiny part sub, I am a Sadomasochist, I absolutely love Kinbaku/Shibari as a rigger, I am a Furry and I even have a wee bit of a little side. Before finding out about the BDSM lifestyle, my husband and I started off as swingers. Yes thats right i’m also married, how ever other than the swinging my husband is for the most part vanilla.  We have been together for 13 years and still going strong.

Our relationship is a wee bit complex and complicated. We are in an open polyamorous marriage have only been open for the last 6 years.
A basic view of how our relationship works is this. I am Bi-sexual and I have a very strong need to be with women, I can have strong deep love for multiple people. I am open and honest with my husband about everything I do and I am very lucky that he is accepting of me and my kinks. I play other people in a BDSM  way as long as i’m open with him i’m safe and there is consent with everyone involved. How ever until the last 2 years I had strictly played with females and never really mixed sex and BDSM which was all my choice. In the last 2 years I decided to branch out and I have been lucky enough to have a very supportive husband.


I will never stop learning, nobody should ever stop learning. so learn be safe and have fun!!!