KC006 High Protocol

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In this episode, we talk about High Protocol and explain what is and how you can introduce it into your dynamic.

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KC005 Trying new things

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This week we discuss trying new things, what you need to be aware of and why it is a good thing to try new things.

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KC004 Ethically pushing limits

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Sometimes a “s” type feels comfortable with you and asks can you push this limit of mine? This podcast discusses how you would do this.

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KC003 Pedro rope workshop

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For this podcast we are joined again by Princess P4in. We discussed our recent workshop which cheeky and myself attended and what we learned from Pedro.

Pedro is currently on a world tour so if he is visiting your country I highly recommend trying to get into one of his workshops.

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KC002 Wax Play

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This month we had a special guest with us. Princess or Miss P4in talking about wax play. There were some interesting questions asked about how and where to use wax as well as what to do if something goes wrong.

If you want to follow along to the online chatter and questions which were asked please visit the following chat link over here https://chat.kink101.info/channel/episode-2-livecast

Princess also has a range of low temp soy based candles which can be purchased. If you visit their Warm Sensations R18 page on fetlife https://fetlife.com/users/8209302 you can view the range and order from them.

They also have a Facebook page, search Warm Sensations R18.

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There has been a request for an erotic reading mid month. If I get at least 5 requests via the site I will record an erotic reading and upload it.

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