Forced orgasms

Question from Member: What can you tell me about forced orgasms? I’ve never had it done to me and I recently heard on a podcast that it can be painful.

First off you know the porn scenes where the submissive is strapped down and have a Hitachi wand attached on high and you see her crying and wriggling trying to get away from the stimulation?

Or the one where a male submissive is tied up and normally a Domme playing and stroking his cock and once he comes goes to town on his cock?

Yes, both those scenes can be forced orgasms. But it’s not the only kind of forced orgasms you can have. Say WHAT? Porn videos lied to us all? Quite often what we see in those kinds of videos is not always reality and it can and will set you up for disappointment.

So what is this term Forced orgasm or forced orgasms? It is whenever (with consent, always with consent) a submissive gets stimulated past the point they want or like to cum.

Scenario one: As a submissive, you get ordered by a Dominant at any point of time of the day to go off masturbate until you cum. If they tend to know how quick you can get yourself off they might even instruct you on how much time you have.

Now imagine:  You are in the middle of your lunch hour and get a text to get yourself off. You were just sitting with work colleagues talking about nothing really sexual. You might or might not get wet just at reading the message. You find a quiet place but you just can’t get yourself to the point of climax.  The idea that you only have a certain amount of time, either helps or not at all. But you have to control your body and force yourself to reach a point so that you can reach a climax and obey and order.

Scenario two: As a submissive, you are stimulated to your first orgasm. With either a small break or no break you are ordered to get there again. Or perhaps as you cum the Dominant continues to stimulate. You reach a point where you don’t know if you are cumming or going and you have no control over your body anymore.

Scenario two b. : Same as above but you are ordered to masturbate and as you cum not to stop. Your Dominant doesn’t even have to touch you but the fear of facing a consequence makes you continue. For some their limit is after two orgasms. But as you and your Dominant learn the secrets to your body and mind it can sometimes extend for quite a time. (fun thing to try once you reach this point is a dice. This is a number of times you WILL cum before the session is over or you safeword)

Now yes as in the porn one you can be helped to cum and then tied up with a vibrator on. And stimulated past the point of really feeling nice about it anymore. For a woman, it can be sore to have clitoris stimulation after the has cum a few times and it just gets too much.

For a guy, the head of the cock can get very sensitive right after they cum and it can get painful when overstimulated.

The thing to keep in mind is that everyone climax differently. Some struggle to reach that point of going over. Some need a bit of recovery time. Even thirty seconds before they are able to face that again.

So please take it slow. You do not want to set a submissive up for failure where they struggle to reach a climax and now as a Dominant, you declare you are doing a forced orgasm session where they need to reach thirty orgasms. Know your submissive’s body, know what makes them tick and get there. Some might struggle a while and a forced orgasm session of several hours will end up making them feel like they failed a dominant.

So how can both of you take part in a forced orgasm session then? Well, as soon as your submissive cum (and it was negotiated ahead of time or agreed upon) you continue to stimulate. Start off with thirty seconds the first time. Another session makes it a minute. Have a minute glass or a timer nearby. Just having to watch each second goes by for both of you can be a delicious torment.

Now for those of you that are lucky to be able to reach multiple orgasms very easily the longer session will work really nice. Reaching that point where you don’t even get the high peak and down and your body is involuntarily spasming and you are just utterly exhausted. Please just remember hydrate hydrate hydrate. And electrolytes might be imbalanced as well.

For some, the above might confuse you even further. But it really differs from situation to situation on what exactly forced orgasms look like.

As for our member’s question, I will now answer from my own personal experience:

Yes MOC at times have ordered me in the middle of the day (while say busy with dishes or mopping floors) to go off and have five minutes to cum. Your mind is racing from the grocery list to OMG how do I get there and quick. You have to clear your mind and think of the task. At times its difficult and I do fail and it lands me with a funishment. Or perhaps orgasm denial in the next session or a delayed orgasm.

At other times (Makes for some of my best memories). Is where I get stimulated to climax and he just continues going. I’m wanting to go to that blissful place of AAAAH that was nice but my body starts tensing and the next one just come on way too fast. Your brain can’t continue to think anymore and eventually you reach a point (some might say a place of subspace) that your whole body goes floppy but still trembling. MOC tends to differ the stimulation from focusing on fucking me, to applying attention to my clitoris, using toys, and then a combination of floggers and all of above and more. The list is endless. He uses different sensation to mix up the signals my brain registers. From having light touches to harder ones. My body cant help but to respond and causing another climax.

I have in the past passed out and he stopped and made sure I am okay, hydrate and give me a chance to recover and ask if I want to continue. And then start up slow. After a few, he literally does not even have to touch me anymore and just flow air over my nipple and my body sets off again. For quite a few days after a long session like that your body can be really tired, muscles sore and let’s just say any sexual activity can be almost too much but you want it at the same time.

A good tip is to either use spreader bars or to tie submissive open so they cant pull away when it gets too much. Always make sure your submissive has a way to safeword or to use a safety signal.

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