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We are all about learning. Everyone has something to learn from someone. Even us. The moment we stop learning is the moment we may as well stop living. What is the best way to learn? Well I have found it is to share experiences, so I am going to be trying a small experiment. Once a month on the first Friday at roughly 9pm-9:30pm at night I am going to start doing a live broadcast which you can listen to. The key difference is that this is a live broadcast you can ask live questions just as you would if you were attending a presentation  or a lecture via a text chat on the web or via mobile app.

This broadcast along with the text chat which occurred will then be uploaded to this site as a podcast and lesson material for future reference. Ala mini podcast for those that could not listen to the live broadcast.

As things go along hopefully we might be able to get some guests on to discuss various topics, but we will play it all by ear.

That being said I have everything setup in the background but it all needs to be tested so this Friday at about 9pm ish I will be kicking it off in a pre launch to hopefully shake out the bugs etc.

In the mean time if you are keen visit and create yourself an account on the chat app. Unfortunately I am still looking for a way to link the accounts to this sites so you will need a second account. Get familiar with the chat features and on Friday I will publish the link for the live audio stream. You can also download the app from the Android or Play store and enter and login and you can use it from your mobile or tablet as well.

Keep in mind there is about a 3-5 second delay from when I speak to when you will hear the audio so when you ask your questions in the chat it may not be an instant reply.

O yes feel free to use the chat app to invite your friends to chat. It is a kink friendly chat so no risk of your rooms being terminated at random.


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