A few changes

Please be patient I am busy with a bit of a site cleanup and re-layout hopefully to make finding things a bit easier. So things might appear jumbled over the next few days.

KC002 Wax Play

This month we had a special guest with us. Princess or Miss P4in talking about wax play. There were some interesting questions asked about how and where to use wax as well as what to do if something goes wrong.

If you want to follow along to the online chatter and questions which were asked please visit the following chat link over here https://chat.kink101.info/channel/episode-2-livecast

Princess also has a range of low temp soy based candles which can be purchased. If you visit their Warm Sensations R18 page on fetlife https://fetlife.com/users/8209302 you can view the range and order from them.

They also have a Facebook page, search Warm Sensations R18.

If you have a question you would like to have asked for the next show or if you have a suggestion for a topic please feel free to submit it at https://www.kink101.info/qa. We would love to have any feedback positive or negative.

There has been a request for an erotic reading mid month. If I get at least 5 requests via the site I will record an erotic reading and upload it.

Also remember to subscribe to our newsletter, we will let you know in advance when the live recordings are happening and when the podcast is uploaded.

Livecast Friday night 2nd March 10pm

Hi everyone,

It is that time of month again where we sit in front of a live stream and you can ask us questions. However this time it is a little different. I have a special guest Miss P4in on this time and we are going to be talking about wax play and anything that is associated with wax play.

As per normal you can log into our online chat and ask questions as you are listening to the broadcast. If you can't make the livecast then everything is recorded and you can look at the chat from the night and follow along with the audio recording.

If you want to log into the chatroom now and start asking questions please visit the chat link over here https://chat.kink101.info/channel/episode-2-livecast

We will also publish the streaming URL in this chat once it is live and running.

If you can't make it and just have a question you want answered you can also submit these via https://www.kink101.info/qa

We hope to see you all online tomorrow.



Kinky cloud fileshare

I am testing out a cloud file sharing application. If you are looking for an alternative using the iClouds etc and want your files to be stored on a kink friendly server then this is what this is. https://cloud.kink101.info/

Please feel free to register for a free test account while we see what the usage and costs are like to see if this will become a viable service for our kink community. We will run this for a month or so and would love to get your feedback on it.