Kinky cloud fileshare

I am testing out a cloud file sharing application. If you are looking for an alternative using the iClouds etc and want your files to be stored on a kink friendly server then this is what this is.

Please feel free to register for a free test account while we see what the usage and costs are like to see if this will become a viable service for our kink community. We will run this for a month or so and would love to get your feedback on it.


KC001 My introduction to BDSM

In this podcast I explain my introduction into the BDSM lifestyle. It may help give an understanding to someone who is kinky and trying to get there partner to understand a bit better. Or if they have been approached by their partner saying they want them to be more kinky.

Along with answering various questions from the live listeners along the way.

Indi has asked for me to read a sexual bedtime story as a podcast. This is a possibility but I have also told her she needs to get people to ask. So show your support for a bedtime story and submit it via the page and if there is enough interest I might just add a story into the mix.

As always the chat for this particular session can be found over here.

Tonights livestream starts at 10pm

Hello fellow Kinky people. just a reminder that tonights kinky livecast starts at 10pm. Please log into the livechat so that you can ask questions as they arise so I can answer them. Link to the livechat is here

The link to the livecast audio will be announced in that chat when it is live. So head on over. Tonight we are talking about what you can do if you are interested in this lifestyle how do you approach your partner? Are they even kinky etc. I will be walking everyone through my introduction to the lifestyle which may or may not help some people.

Look forward to seeing you online tonight.

KC000 Pilot Brats

This is our pilot of a livecast Q&A session. It was a test to see that everything technically was working. It did after we got around a few technical glitches.  Just the audio alone may not make sense however if you visit the live chat site room you will see the archived chat which goes along with this livecast.

Also covered was the question “There seem to be many rules for submissives, but what about Dom’s, how are they held to account?”

If you would like to join the next live broadcast to ask some questions keep an eye out on It will be on the 2nd Feb.

Feel free to join the chat or submit a question to be answered over at if you can’t join the next live stream.

Excuse the disjointedness of this one, it gets better towards the end. Now we are looking forward to the first real episode now that the bugs are sorted.